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Edmund M. Maciejczyk, P.I., CIPM, IPPS

Retired Law Enforcement Officer
Private Investigator 
Certified Institutional Protection Manager
International Personal Protection Specialist - "Bodyguard"
Security Consultant
Expert Witness
 Police, Security, & Bodyguard Trainer / Instructor - Hand to Hand Combat
10th Degree Martial Arts Black Belt - "Grand Master"
Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee
Firearms Marksman - "Police Master"
Personal & Corporate Security Expert

There are many people in security related fields trying to be P.I.'s and experts, but there is only one "Master".  Mr. Maciejczyk has been commissioned in 27 States in the USA, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria,  United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi & Dubai). 
He has been training and teaching Realistic Street Defense to Civilians, Law Enforcement Officers /Agents (local, State, & Federal levels), Military, & Personal Protection Specialist(Bodyguards) for the last 27 years.   
Eddie "The Master" Maciejczyk is at the top of his field and his clients are willing to pay for his expertise. There are some things you will never get Eddie to talk about...and that's his previous clients. All of his clients trust that they will have complete confidentiality when hiring him, and that is one of the things they pay for. When you see other P.I.'s, bodyguards, or security consultants have a list of their clients, you have to ask yourself....where is the confidentiality? They are asking for trouble...why not give the clients alarm codes, travel plans and corporate comprehensive plans to everyone by posting them on your website.
It's about attitude.....Information is our business and information is POWER. Whether we are working on a case for Training, Infidelity, Child Custody, Corporate Fraud, Divorce, Personal Injury, Police Brutality, or any Civil or Criminal case, everything is confidential. 

Tammy L. Maciejczyk, P.I., IPPS
Private Investigator
International Personal Protection Specialist
Martial Arts Trainer/Instructor
Female Bodyguard Division
Office Administrator


Edmund M. Maciejczyk II, P.I., IPPS
Private Investigator
International Personal Protection Specialist
Police, Security. & Bodyguard Trainer / Instructor - Hand to Hand Combat
4th Degree Martial Arts Black Belt - Master Instructor
Nine-Time Martial Arts World Champion
Director of Bodyguard Division














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